Get 10€ for free when you sign up for a free Revolut debit card!

Take 10€ bonus when you register for a free Revolut card now when you register using this link

– Free standard card and 10€ bonus when you top up 10€ via the deal link
– Uses the interbank exchange rate Monday to Friday, to give the best possible exchange rate. However please note that a surcharge applies at weekends and also markups on some currencies
– You can load your Revolut card with specific currencies when the exchange rate is good and then use these currencies when you need to
– No fee exchange up to 5,500€ per month (0.5% fee above)
– 225€ ATM withdrawal per month is fee free which is good for the light user
– Supports Apple Pay and Google Pay
– Instant payment notifications
– Free Euro IBAN account
– Whilst not FSCS protected, funds are stored under a segregated trust account at Barclays/Lloyds. In the event of an insolvency of Revolut, you will be able to claim your funds from this segregated account.
– Signing up for a Revolut card does not involve a hard credit check that could impact your credit score, uses a soft check.

How to get the 10€ bonus
1. Register using the link to make sure you get the free Revolut card and 10€ signup bonus – no code needed
2. Enter phone number on the Revolut page
3. A text is then sent to you with a link to download the app
4. Download app and enter requested info e.g.personal info
5. Deposit 10€ to your account
6. Undertake ID verification
7. Order a free physical Revolut card
8. You will receive 10€ bonus with the first purchase(Online or Physical) using your Revolut card

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