In the beginning of this year, YouTube started rolling out a feature they called “Official artist channels”, meant to make it more easy to find content from your favorite artists.

However, while I was browsing, I stumbled upon this video from Lenka:

Only to find a surprise. I liked the song and I wanted to see if there are more like this on her channel… but the link didn’t lead to her channel.

From the screenshot, you can see that, instead, I was led to an empty channel owned by Sony Media Entertainment. It seems that she was partnered with SME before, but cancelled her contract, so why is the “Official channel” still the now empty SME channel? I’ve reported this bug on 24th of October 2018 and now, over a month later, it’s still not fixed.

Funny thing is that when embedded, the above video shows the channel name as “LenkaVEVO” while on the YouTube page it shows “lenkatv”. If you search LenkaVEVO on Google, it will lead you to the correct channel.

YouTube, the community have been asking for some stability to the already existing features, before adding new ones.

Както си спя аз най-сладко и изведнъж ме събужда някаква ужасна шумотевица. Съседа решил да разбива носещата стена. Като е решил да събаря блока няма лошо, но поне да го прави малко по тихо :) . Така или иначе днес няма да може да се спи повече от 3-те часа, които любезния господин ми даде преди да почне да пробива насам натам, та реших да го заглуша поне с нещо по-приятно - музика. Поздрав за всички:

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