How to migrate away from Google Workspace (formerly GSuite / GApps)

Migrating GMail

Migrating YouTube

  • Make YouTube account with your new Google account
  • When adding your new account as manager, it will not show the name, portrait or email, until you’ve added it to the list
  • Accept the invitation from your new account
  • Wait 7 days (restriction for change of permissions)
  • Login with your old account and make your new account the primary owner
    After that, your old account will lose the right to edit the permissions on your new account

Migrating Google Drive

Install and configure TrueNAS

Install and configure NextCloud on TrueNAS

Configure reverse proxy

  • Increase upload file size limit
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Migrating Google Chrome data

Migrating Contacts

Migrating AdSense

  • Create a regular Google account and verify it
  • Add the new account to your verified AdSense account
  • Activate the new account as an AdSense user
  • Make the new account an administrator of the AdSense account
  • Login to your new Google account and remove the old Google account from AdSense
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