Schedule for receiving MEXT scholarship 2018

1st signing period1st payment day2nd signing period2nd payment day
April 20182-6 Apr27 Apr12-27 Apr17 May
May 20181-9 May24 May10-31 May15 Jun
June 20181-7 Jun22 Jun8-29 Jun17 Jul
July 20182-6 Jul24 Jul9-31 Jul15 Aug
August 20181-7 Aug22 Aug8-31 Aug13 Sep
September 20183-5 Sep20 Sep6-28 Sep16 Oct
October 20181-11 Oct29 Oct12-31 Oct15 Nov
November 20181-7 Nov22 Nov8-30 Nov17 Dec
December 20183-7 Dec25 Dec10-28 Dec21 Jan
January 20194-10 Jan28 Jan11-31 Jan18 Feb
February 20191-7 Feb25 Feb8-28 Feb13 Mar
March 20191-5 Mar19 Mar6-29 Mar15 Apr

Crypto-currency crazyness

Hey everyone, today is a double-video-post day. I’ve decided to join the gold rush by making a crypto-mining rig. The recording was quite long so the first video shows parts unboxing and the second shows how i assembled the machine.