#setting docker for production

As a web software developer, you will often face problems like setting up various servers, be it web servers like Apache, nginx or Litespeed, or the working environment for a scripting language like PHP and Node.js. This setup brings a lot of compatibility and security issues with it. In the recent years, Docker has established itself as the “to-go” solution, when setting up a local or remote working environment. While on the local developer’s machine, it’s as easy as doing brew install docker or apt install docker, when it comes to creating a real live production server, it’s not that simple. Usually production servers should not be running any software as a root (administrator) user, to avoid security issues, and this is how Docker is started by default - with full system privileges. As you can imagine, having an insecure application in an enterprise environment is not desirable. Now there is a setup for Docker called “rootless mode”, that allows running the software with another user, that has restricted privileges. I will be showing how to install Docker + Docker Compose using terminal commands and automate the process, using Ansible - a server configuration tool.

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