Firefox 63 security warning issue

The latest version of the Mozilla foundation browser – Firefox Quantum 63.0, introduces an issue with some websites, where even though there is a valid security certificate, it doesn’t load the page.
The below image shows a website that i usually access using Firefox. Other browsers like Edge and Chrome validate the certificate correctly and display the page.

Previously there was an option to add an exception and continue to the site anyway (which is also described on the help page), but in this situation it doesn’t exist, probably because the certificate is found as valid. While i do not know the source of this issue, the fix is very simple if you encounter it – click on the shield icon in front of the URL and “Clear Cookies and Site Data”. In the popup click OK after verifying the domain name – this will clear all temporary data in your browser for this website and open it clean, the next time you load the page.

Google translate getting a design update

Google’s translate website has had the same design for many years.
It seems, it’s time that it received a new style. Below you can see the old and the new designs of the page.

YouTube’s skewed “Official artist channels” feature

In the beginning of this year, YouTube started rolling out a feature they called “Official artist channels”, meant to make it more easy to find content from your favorite artists.

However, while I was browsing, I stumbled upon this video from Lenka:

Only to find a surprise. I liked the song and I wanted to see if there are more like this on her channel… but the link didn’t lead to her channel.

From the screenshot, you can see that, instead, I was led to an empty channel owned by Sony Media Entertainment.
It seems that she was partnered with SME before, but cancelled her contract, so why is the “Official channel” still the now empty SME channel?
I’ve reported this bug on 24th of October 2018 and now, over a month later, it’s still not fixed.

Funny thing is that when embedded, the above video shows the channel name as “LenkaVEVO” while on the YouTube page it shows “lenkatv”.
If you search LenkaVEVO on Google, it will lead you to the correct channel.

YouTube, the community have been asking for some stability to the already existing features, before adding new ones.

Schedule for receiving MEXT scholarship 2018

1st signing period1st payment day2nd signing period2nd payment day
April 20182-6 Apr27 Apr12-27 Apr17 May
May 20181-9 May24 May10-31 May15 Jun
June 20181-7 Jun22 Jun8-29 Jun17 Jul
July 20182-6 Jul24 Jul9-31 Jul15 Aug
August 20181-7 Aug22 Aug8-31 Aug13 Sep
September 20183-5 Sep20 Sep6-28 Sep16 Oct
October 20181-11 Oct29 Oct12-31 Oct15 Nov
November 20181-7 Nov22 Nov8-30 Nov17 Dec
December 20183-7 Dec25 Dec10-28 Dec21 Jan
January 20194-10 Jan28 Jan11-31 Jan18 Feb
February 20191-7 Feb25 Feb8-28 Feb13 Mar
March 20191-5 Mar19 Mar6-29 Mar15 Apr